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Why a pen name?

There are two kinds of authors:  those who use a pen name and the people who choose to write under their real name.  Absolutely nothing else in writing is as black and white as that.  In all other aspects, types of authors vary infinitely.  But in this case, there’s only two options.

Many writers I know like writing under their own name.  There’s a sense of pride in seeing your own name in print.  There’s no confusion as to the name you answer to at book signings and other writing events.  Your parents can find your books on store shelves without asking you a million times how your “fake” name is spelled.  You are who you are.

Then there’s the view that pen names really help the entire publishing process.  It creates a small sheath of privacy.  And it often frees writers to publish things they wouldn’t normally want to put out into the world under their own identity.  (aka often erotica!) A bestselling author friend of mine also said she likes to write under a pen name because when bad reviews come in, she can take it a little easier.  After all, the review isn’t bashing her exactly…it’s just bashing her alias!

What do you think?  What would you go with?  A pen name or your real one?

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