What’s the Latest with My Writing?

I promised to keep you guys informed as I do different things with this writing adventure.  So here’s the latest:

  • The sequel to ELECTED (called SUSPECTED) is due out from Silence in the Library Publishing in Feb.  That’s when it goes on pre-sale with all those neat extras like the ability to get signed copies, a tuckerization, etc.
  • A prequel to ELECTED is on sale right NOW through kickstarter.  It only stays on sale through mid January! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/103879051/athenas-daughters-volume-2?ref=nav_search  The tuckerization I offered up there went within the first couple of days.  A friend named Maggie will now be starring in Perfected as a minor, but very important, self-sacrificing character.  The prequel is the story of how Aloy was born and what her parents first thought upon finding out she was a girl.  And it tells some juicy secrets about Aloy’s mom!
  • I’m still trying to find a literary agent for the picture book illustrated by my cousin Christopher Santoro and written by me and my mom.  I just sent out 10 queries, so we’ll see.
  • For the first time I got to file taxes on earnings for ELECTED!  I know I shouldn’t be excited about that, but I am.  :)  I now own a business in Washington State.
  • I got my first newspaper article…written up in the Redmond Reporter, a local, but prominent weekly newspaper.  I was showcased on the front page, actually!  Here’s the article.  http://www.redmond-reporter.com/news/286690811.html
  • I’m deep into writing book 3 in the Elected Series (the final book) called PERFECTED.  I’m 33K in, which is about a 1/3 of the way done.  I have my outline complete, so it’s just a matter of building out the scenes.
  • I thought of a whole new idea for an entirely different young adult, stand alone book.  This one would be contemporary fiction, not sci-fi like ELECTED.  But before I can spend any time even barely delving into that, I need to finish The Elected Series.  I will give one hint about it, though.  You may have to ride some roller coasters with me as research.
  • I’ve asked the producers of WorldCon (Sci-fi annual convention) if I can speak on a panel there.  Wouldn’t you know that it’s being held in Spokane this year!
  • Someone really cool (can’t mention who) is taking a look at my new adult book, Girl: Classified, right now.  It’s been getting some notice by lit agents, but I’m really excited about this latest individual.
  • And to wrap up…not to get everyone too excited…because it is a WAY, WAY long shot…a movie producer is looking into ELECTED as we speak!
  • Oh, one more thing…I have a few paperback copies of ELECTED left that I can send you if you’d like a signed copy.  Just let me know at rorishay (at sign) gmail (dot) com.

And a final request as we leave 2014, the year of my first publication:  if you’ve read ELECTED and liked it, I would so appreciate you leaving a good rating/review up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads about it.  Those ratings help improve rankings and gets ELECTED seen by more random strangers.  On Amazon, you don’t have to actually have bought the book through Amazon to write the review there.

Love to all!  I hope you had a fantastic year of reading in 2014.  I’ve read some great books this year:  Hear Me by Diana Peterfreund, The Light Between Oceans, Panic by Lauren Oliver, The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings, All of Gayle Foreman’s books.  The Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner, These Broken Stars, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl..and countless others!

P.s. Misch Misch the cat says hi.  He’s sitting next to the computer right now waiting for his nighttime snack.

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