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What Inspires You?

I was inspired to write this particular post by my mom.  For most of my birthdays, my mom crafts handmade cards/draws pictures/cuts out 2-D shape, which I save.  This year the card for my birthday was really cool.  (See picture to the left)  She took my book series idea and illustrated three little books.  My parents and husband are so behind my writing, constantly asking me how it’s going, reading excerpts, etc, it made me think about what inspires me to write.  I love having written a couple thousand words and emailing it off to my parents to read/waiting for their comments back.

So I wanted to ask all of you:  what inspires you to write?  Is it a certain song or music group?  Certain people?  Parents?  Significant others?  An issue you want to bring to public awareness?  A story you just HAVE to tell?  A character that feels alive?

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