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Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids…oh my!

Someone asked me the other day what I thought the next paranormal trend would be in young adult (YA) novels.  Supposedly, from market reports, we’re done with vampires.  Done with dragons.  Almost done with werewolves.  Seeing a lot of books about angels.  And now we’re onto…mermaids!  If you’re a writer trying to tac onto the next big trend, it’s actually already too late with mermaids.  If you haven’t written a book about one yet, the process of writing and publishing would take too long before the trend ebbed and flowed its way out of the market.

Some say you should be imagining what the next supernatural creature trend will be and write about that…maybe you’ll be the person who starts that trend!  Others say to just write about what you want/something that inspires you to keep writing consistently even through blocks.  They say you can’t hang your hat on a trend.

But just for fun, let’s try to guess what the next creature will be…


Aliens?  (well, that was kind of covered already by Stephanie Meyers’ Host)



The possibilities are endless.  What do you think?

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