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Thanks to all of you who’ve celebrated alongside me these past few months as ELECTED gets closer to release.  I wanted to give you all the details about upcoming events and blog tours.

Entranced publishing just finished my cover art, which will be released for viewing very soon.  You know I’m bursting to post the picture up now, but I have to wait for their official release.

I can, however, tell you about ELECTED’s book launch party date and venue.  It’ll be 4-7pm at Scion in Silver Spring, MD.  Metro accessible, close to a parking garage.  The eerily awesome thing about this place is it’s all black inside with orange lighting like a sunset.  And there’s a black sillouette of a barren tree across the dining room wall.  The day I found the restaurant was the same day my cover art was finished, and the only clue I can give you about the cover is that it looks amazingingly similar to the restaurant’s decor.

Also, I’m posting an article about the value of critique groups on the site listed below.  The article will be released Sept. 7th.  Jon, Clif, Viv, Kellye, Mo, and Stephanie…your coolness is highlighted!

One of the other writers from my publishing house has an article up on the savvy authors site today.  It’s about writing good dialogue and has some great tips in there.


In other news, I want to give a shout-out to one of the writers in my current critique group, Jon Sourbeer.  His self published e-book, THE PHOENIX FALLACY, sold over 1,500 copies within the first 2 months on Amazon!!!  Just so you have a point of reference, most self-published authors typically sell 500 copies total.  It is completely awesome that Jon’s book sold so much in such little time.  It’s a great sci-fi read if you want to pick it up now for just 99 cents!

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