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Top 5 Nuggets Twitter Taught Me About Writing (and the things it taught me never, ever to do).

Here are some of the nuggets I’ve learned from the Twitter writers’ community.  Hope these inspire/help you too!

1.  Top writing hashtags to link up with other writers are:  #amwriting, #writing, #editing, #writingtips. Writing can be a lonely business, but checking out these spaces when you’re in the midst of writing assures you you’re not alone.  Others are also still sitting in their pjs at 2 in the afternoon, sipping a hot tea and churning out 3K words.

2.  This is a link for the best blog posting I’ve ever seen having to do with the publishing process.  For all of my writer friends who are trying to get published or are published, you’ll laugh at this posting, reveling in its blatant honesty.  For all of my friends who aren’t writers and asked me why it took so long to get published, read and feel our pain!  http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/08/13/25-steps-to-being-a-traditionally-published-author-lazy-bastard-edition/

3.  Some of the most successful writers take the time to write back to any fan who tweets them.  People love a “thank you” back from an author after telling him/her they bought the book and loved it.

4.  Writers don’t just promote their book on twitter.  If they do, it’s the fastest way to get an “unfollow”.  Twitter should be a platform to connect with readers and fellow writers, not stuff your book down their throats with pre-programmed tweets that send the link to buy your book every hour!  (Every hour!!!  You know who you are!)

5.  Keep plowing onward.  Lots of people get rejections.  Don’t let a few rejection letters from agents stop you from writing or sending out more queries.  I do not know a single author on twitter whose first draft of his/her first book made it big.  Even authors whose first book sold had to go through the revision process.  And rest assured, the revisions process sucks for everyone.  Also, lots of people get book deals that are better than your own or have higher sales numbers than you.  Let yourself be jealous of them for just one second.  Feel the power of the kelly-green envy monster squirming around inside you, ready to burst out of your stomach alien-style. (It’s human nature, for goodness sakes.)  Then spare many more moments to congratulate them and be happy for them.  You’ll want them to be happy for you when you get good news too!

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