To All The Men…

Rest assured…if you’re a man, and I’ve met you…YOU SIR, are featured in my books!  That’s right!  Taylor Swift sings about her ex-boyfriends.  I write about them.

To all my past boyfriends, teachers, guy friends, male movie characters I lusted after, men I talked to while waiting at a bus stop…and of course my wonderful husband.  Thank you for being unsuspecting influences behind the male characters in my books.

(Now don’t you want to read it and find out what character you might be?)  wahahahaha….

Some of my male characters are based on just a couple traits from you.  A bunch of my characters are amalgamations of many people.  Other characters personify one person almost completely!  Could you be part of the character of Aloy’s father Sowyer?  Strong-willed and insistant on following the rules.  Or perhaps the brave, loyal (but slightly mysterious) male lead Griffin?  Or maybe you jilted me, and you’re featured in my books as one of the bad guys!  The assassin coming after Aloy?  Devious and cunning.  Or Grobe who wants to unseat Aloy from the ELECTED role, outspoken and frank but oh so misguided?

And when you read about yourself, will you be able to tell?  Feel free to make guesses!

(I’ll only tell about the good characters, though.)  :)


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