THE PENDANT (prequel short story to ELECTED) out now in time for Xmas!

Yay!!!  Yippee!  Woohoo!  The Pendant, the prequel short story to The Elected Series is out now, exclusively on Amazon, in time for Xmas!  It makes a great stocking stuffer (as an ebook gift certificate) and will quench your thirst for some new secrets while you wait for Perfected to release!

Plus, if you’re part of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, The Pendant is free!


Want to know what happened to Evan, Aloy’s brother?  What was Aloy’s mom’s involvement?  Is Tomlin a good or bad guy?  Read it here!  Get your most burning questions answered even before the final installment of the series releases in April 2016!

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The Pendant is in the point of view of Aloy’s mother, Claraleese, before Aloy was born.  My editors asked me to explore the story from a different character’s perspective, and I focused on Aloy’s mother because she holds a key to fix the environment.  Claraleese doesn’t initially trust the information she’s given or know what to do with it, but she loves her son and never gives up hope that he’ll succeed in saving their people.  It’s about a mother’s sacrifices, even if they involve breaking the rules and letting go of the person she loves the most.  The theme of sacrifice for one’s children hits particularly close to home because I’m a mom.  I hope that if, one day, my children ask for the freedom to stretch their wings, I’m as supportive and hopeful as the main character in this story.

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