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The Importance of Reviews on Amazon

Authors appreciate receiving reviews on Amazon for a number of reasons that I’m not sure the average person even realizes.  First and foremost, reviews help a book’s ranking on Amazon.

Do you know how Amazon provides you recommendations?  When you’re buying a book, there’s always a list of other novels Amazon thinks you’d like.  They base it off your buying preferences but also upon other books’ rankings.  If you like paranormal romance, they’ll show you other highly ranked works in the same genre.

Books are ranked through an intricate process enumerating everything from the number of clicks a book receives to the number of people who bought a book each day.  The lower a book’s ranking, the better for its sales and reach to people who wouldn’t otherwise know a book exists.  Legend says that if a book sells 500 copies in one day it gets a 1-10 ranking, spiraling it into the top 10 lists of bestsellers on the website.

The other way a book’s ranking gets better is by receiving 5-star reviews.  Now, I know authors never want people to lie and just give them a great review for the heck of it.  But if you really like a book and would give it a 5 if asked, I know authors would love that info to get up on Amazon.  The number of reviews given a book, in general, even if the stars aren’t all 5’s, still helps the book’s overall Amazon ranking.

I’ve personally reviewed 4 books so far on Amazon:  Vision of Shadows, A Star-Swept Sea, Man Made Boy, and The Phoenix Fallacy.  I don’t like giving bad reviews, so the only books I’ll provide a review for are ones that I personally love.

And I like it when others find my reviews helpful and click on what I’ve said.  It makes me feel like I’ve given something (beside the price of a book) back to the author in exchange for being part of their mind while I’m immersed in their story.  It makes me feel part of the experience.

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