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The Backpack-Really Cool Advice from Veronica Roth

I love looking at Veronica Roth’s website full of blog posts.  She’s the author of the dystopia YA novel, Divergent.  Even the way she writes blogs, you can hear her unique voice.  And I specifically liked this one post about a writer’s “backpack”, so I’m copying the link to it here:


It’s some advice on what to include (and not to include) in a novel.  And since I’m in the editing stage of a couple of my latest books, I appreciate this advice.  One example she gave on what not to include:  “If there’s a gun in a scene it should go off at some point.  If it’s not going to go off, don’t include it.”  That’s good info.  Unnecessary items and characters in novels aren’t useful–they just manage to drag down the story.  I have a hard time with this because I, like her obviously, get attached to my writing and think “Oh, but this is such a good line about the deliciousness of yellow cake with white icing…I should keep it in.”  But that’s the pitfall.  If there’s no need to be talking about cake, I have to force myself to take it out, even if it is good writing.

Mmm…doesn’t this picture just want to make you eat cake?  Mmmm…yellow cake with white icing….



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