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Marketing a New Book (advice from a social media guru!)

Today’s topic is a follow-up to my post from a couple of weeks ago on how writers can use social media to their best advantage.

A really good example is fellow writer, Lindsay Cummings (@lindsaycwrites), whose book The Murder Complex comes out in the summer of 2014.  Even before her book’s been released, she’s using social media to reach fans and build hype for the publication.  She’s on Twitter, talking to fans and colleagues alike, always responding promptly to tweets and posting info about her book.  She talks up other people’s books and shows genuine excitement when people engage her through conferences, fan art, etc.  The picture to the left was fan art she received from @InkyReads.

I told her I admired how she’s marketing the book before it’s even out.  The way she talks about it on Twitter isn’t “in your face” marketing.  It’s just her genuine excitement coming through, and it’s fun to follow her journey.  I asked Lindsay for any book marketing tips, and she answered, “just be yourself online and make time to chat with people.”

I think that’s great advice.  It shows a great respect for her fans and the online community.

Readers/Writers, if you have any additional advice about using social media to market your book, feel free to comment back!

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