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Online Novel Written in Real Time? Thoughts?

I just read an article about author Sylvia Hartmann who will attempt to write her next book online as people watch in real time.  Readers will be able to watch along as she backspaces over mistakes, changes sentences, and starts her manuscript from scratch.  It could actually be an interesting experience to watch an author edit and write as she goes.

So how does it work logistically?  Readers will be notified via social media when Sylvia is about to go online to write.  Then if they want to watch, they just log into her site.  I think this is enabled through Google Drive.

The other cool thing besides watching another author make edits in real-time is getting to have a say in the plot.  People will be able to provide her feedback right away, and that will potentially influence what she writes next or edits.

I think it’s a really cool concept.  Is it one I’d want to try myself?  No.  And one that I’d want to read?  No again because I like to read a story straight through and would hate to wait as Sylvia goes through the writing process.  But as a fellow author I applaud her creative idea, and I think it would be informational to watch how another author writes.

What do you think?

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