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National Book Festival 2012

THIS is why I like Washington DC!  Because it has free events like this on the National Mall.  This weekend is the 2012 National Book Festival, with a ton of authors, signing books and talking to the public.  And they have storytelling for kids.

Here’s the link.  http://www.loc.gov/bookfest/authors/2012

There will be some pretty famous authors there, like Charlaine Harris, the woman who wrote the Sookie Stackhouse books behind the HBO show True Blood.  And R.L. Stine will be there.  Do you remember him?  He wrote all those addicting horror books for teens.  I must have financed his mortgage with all the books of his I bought at a kid.  You want to hear something funny?  I never knew he was a man until I saw his picture on the website.  I don’t know why I always thought R.L. was a woman.

What I don’t get about this event is why I don’t see more of my writer friends’ names on here.  How did the specific authors, listed in the above link, get invited to the event.  Was it a volunteer thing?  There were two names I hoped to see on there–two authors I like who I know live in the DC area.  Maybe they’ll be there…just not on the list?  Here’s hoping!

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