Litter Picker Sticker


Introducing the Litter Picker Sticker® 

This 30-layer, disposable, non-toxic sticky mat (patent pending) catches litter that cats flick out of the litterbox or that falls onto the floor during the scooping process. It also picks up litter stuck on cats’ paws as they exit the litterbox. LPS keeps the floor around your litterbox clean and prevents litter from spreading across your house.


COST: Each set of 30 mats costs $34.99 and includes FREE shipping

TO PURCHASE: The LPS is for sale on Etsy HERE.  Or you can email rorishay(@)gmail(dot)com.


It’s only slightly sticky, so cats are not dissuaded from using the litterbox.

As soon as the top sheet becomes soiled (approximately 1/2 a week), pull it off to reveal a clean sheet! There are 30, so the whole pack lasts at least 15 weeks or over 3 months!


Customer testimonials:

  1. “It’s great! Randy (the cat) adjusted well to it. The LPS definitely picks up a lot of his litter. Overall, we love it! The LPS has saved me from always sweeping.” -Charles in VA

“I was a little worried that my cats wouldn’t like to walk on it but that wasn’t an issue at all. It is keeping most litter from tracking into the house, which is great!” -Ryan in Florida


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