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Hi!  I thought it was about time for another update on how ELECTED is doing and to tell you what other writing stuff I’m up to.  And within this post there’s an opportunity for teenagers to get a free copy of ELECTED!  Read below to see how.

ELECTED is still doing pretty well.  Not making the AMAZON top 100 lists for YA like it did on its release day, but it’s still selling.  It’s now the first thing that pops up on Amazon when you type in “elected”, which is awesome.  The rankings on Amazon fluctuate a lot.  Sometimes it’s pretty good at say 50K, and sometimes its bad – like today around 350K.  The best it ever got was 5K on its release day.  I believe the ranking means that it’s the five thousandth most popular book for the day in the entire country. (On days like today when the ranking is 350K, I’m tempted to go onto the site and buy a bunch of copies just to see the ranking get better…but I don’t because that just seems weird, and I’m pretty sure it’s unethical.  But still tempting.)

ELECTED has 35 AMAZING reviews on Amazon so far, 16 on Goodreads, and 1 on Barnes & Noble, many from random strangers, which is nice.  When my friends write a review I LOVE it and appreciate it so much, but in the back of my mind I can’t help thinking maybe they’re just being overly nice.  When a random stranger rates ELECTED with five stars, well…even I can’t argue with that!  :)

My favorite review so far is from a woman (random stranger) in Canada:

This book is awesome! There, review done. Not enough? Okay…This is the most subtle and mind provoking story I’ve ever read about gender. Aloy is a girl who has been raised as a boy since she was four. As soon as she turns 18, she is expected to marry a woman and become the country’s sole leader. As a result, her concept of self and her gender is a bit conflicted. Aloy’s fight to be the best leader she can be is the main focus of the plot, but her actual story is the highlight. Aloy’s battle between being the man she’s been raised to be, and being the girl that she is in her heart is both heartbreaking and mind blowing.  Aloy gets to experience both the good and bad of both genders, and it’s quite amazing how alike the struggles are, and how utterly gender-neutral most thoughts and feelings are. I really felt for Aloy and her struggles. The world building in this story is very detailed, and very realistic. It is super easy to imagine how the historical events in the book that led to the dystopian setting came to be. It would be so easy for our current world to be become the world in the book. This realism is very scary. This book is not one to be missed. It’s extremely thought provoking. Marketed as a YA book, this clean story will appeal to both teens and adults. It is an absolutely amazing story that takes place in a very believable future. I’d highly recommend everyone should read this, and I can’t wait for the next book to be available.”

How can you get a copy?  My favorite question!  :)  ELECTED is currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as an ebook for your kindle or nook.  I can also send you a copy in PDF just to read it on your computer.  And if you’d rather have a paperback copy, those will be releasing on Amazon sometime in August.

Who’s reading ELECTED?  Well, I think it’s mostly been women in their late twenties to late thirties.  But…a few women in their 90s have read it too and loved it!  And a 9 year old boy liked it too.  The men who have read it so far said they were impressed.  I’m still hoping to reach more young adult readers – say 13-18 year olds.  If you have a young reader at home, I would be willing to give them a free copy in exchange for an honest review on goodreads or amazon.  Just comment back on this blog post if they’re interested!

What else am I writing?  I’m so excited to tell you guys all this news.  There’s a lot!  Ok, first, I’m in edit mode for book 2 of the ELECTED Series.  That book is called SUSPECTED and comes out via Silence in the Library in January 2015.  I’m also in the midst of writing book 3, whose name is still a secret.  I know what it is, but I’ll reveal it a bit later.  (Don’t want to give too much away!)  I’m also working on a picture book that was mocked up with illustrations by my cousin, renowned children’s book artist, Christopher Santoro!  We’re hoping to sell that to a publisher soon.  And…I have a short story coming out in Silence in the Library’s next anthology called Athena’s Daughters Volume 2.  It’s a collection of stories from women writers with women as the main characters/heroines.  Love that concept!

What promos do I have going on right now? A few.  One is the free book for teenagers through this blog post.  Another is the free ebook for one lucky person who responds to the Heroes blog post I wrote a couple of weeks ago.  That lasts just one more day, though, so if you want in, write a comment in that post about what you think makes a hero.  There are only 4 people in that contest so far, so the odds of winning are pretty darn good.  It ends at midnight on June 20th.  Last, free copies of ELECTED will be given out to everyone who buys Silence in the Library’s current project, an anthology of short stories about heroes.  If they reach the goal of $15,500, which they will, then all backers at $5 or above will get a free copy of ELECTED.  Here’s the link for that:  HEROES ANTHOLOGY.  It’s pretty cool to be part of that book as well as Athena’s Daughters because of the other authors involved.  Many of them are bestselling writers, and it’s a privilege to be grouped with them.

Alright, there you have it.  Let me know if you have any questions about ELECTED’s publishing journey.  As always, I aim to be honest and forthright with that info, as I think it helps other writers and encourages people to persevere through their own endeavors.  Any help I can give to other writers, such as hosting them on this blog, etc, just let me know.  There’s a lot to learn in writing/publishing. I know I still have a ton of knowledge to gain, and the stuff I already do know, I’m more than happy to share.

Hope everyone is having a good week!



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