Latest News on ELECTED: 3 book deal!

3 Book Deal: I’m so happy to announce that the entire ELECTED series (3 books) was picked up by my original publisher, Entranced.  We officially signed the contract yesterday.  ELECTED will be released on Earth Day of next year April 22nd, 2014. We already had the contract for that first book complete and signed awhile ago.  This new contract adds in the next books of the series.  The tentative release dates for the next two titles are November 10th, 2014 and June 22nd, 2015.  So what does a 3-book deal mean?  No, I can’t “quit my day job”.  :)  I think all three books would have to be major bestsellers before that was even a remote possibility.  Plus, I like my day job!

Updates on Book 1:  Right now the first ELECTED book is still in the editing phase.  We’ve finished developmental edits and are moving on to line-by-line copy edits.  There are two rounds of those.  Then ARCs (advanced reader copies) are sent out to others in the publishing business (famous authors, reviewers, etc.) so they’ll possibly endorse the book or write a blurb for the cover.  And at some point there will be a cover art reveal.  Then the book goes on a publicity tour with interviews online, etc.  And around release day, we have a launch party!  I’ve already started concocting theme ideas for the party…(aka thimbles full of yagermeister to represent the Hemlock executionary drink, a lady drawing red swirls of nail polish on people’s nails as in the ELECTED wedding rituals, pumpkin and apple appetisers like Aloy’s first breakfast after she’s married, etc.)

2nd Book’s Progress:  I’m almost finished writing the first draft of the book.  I have about 15,000 words left, which is about 4 chapters.  At the rate I’m going right now, I’m doing about a chapter a week, so I’m hoping to have the whole thing done in the next month or two.


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