Latest News on ELECTED – Could it be a Bestseller?

Friends and readers, I wanted to give you the latest news on ELECTED and some other life news that just occurred.  My family has been contemplating a move to Seattle for a few years now, and as of this month it’s finally happening.  It feels so strange to say goodbye to the Washington, D.C. area after living here for 18 years.  But it’s also exciting to think about living in a new place.  I can’t wait to meet all the lovely readers in the Seattle area and join up with that area’s writing societies.

As for ELECTED, the best news is that it has sold about 1265 copies over the last two and a half months.  That’s a very good trajectory, as a bestseller on USA Today has about 20K sales in a year.  I don’t think all my sales will register for the traditional bestseller lists because many of them were through Kickstarter, but it’s cool to think about my book in that many hands, just the same.

This week, with the help of superhero web designer, Ron Romanski, I was finally able to figure out the virus problem with this website.  It is now virus free, and you won’t see any weird warnings telling you to stay away from rorishay.com!

Also, today I just put ELECTED up on wattpad.com so that people can read the first 3 chapters for free.  In just a few hours 54 people had read the chapters, and I suppose many of those readers then checked out the book on Amazon because the rankings there shot up at the exact same time.  Here’s the link for ELECTED on wattpad, if you’d like to check it out.  http://www.wattpad.com/story/19057898-elected-first-3-chapters

There are still 5 autographed paperback novels available to win through Goodreads.  The contest runs until July 25th, and my publisher is graciously donating the 5 copies for that promotion.  Here’s the link for that again:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18485862-elected

I’m currently editing the second book in the trilogy, SUSPECTED,  and its cover is ready for an official reveal in September.  I’ll do a small blog blitz then with a rafflecopter giveaway.

Also, there will be a prequel ELECTED short story called The Pendant coming out in another of Silence in the Library’s books, and I’ll tell you all about it when that anthology is officially revealed.  I’m so excited about The Pendant because it deliciously tells a bunch of secrets about the Elected series, giving away some super-cool info from Aloy’s mother’s perspective.

Last, SUSPECTED will come out for “presale” on kickstarter, along with two other author friends’ books, at the beginning of 2015.  For all of you who’ve anticipated book 2 after ELECTED’s cliffhanger, just hold on!  It’ll be something fun to read during the coldest of months next year!  Since that’ll be a joint kickstarter, it’ll have tons of cool cross promotion on it, which means lots of other free books included in the promotion.  I have to admit, at first I thought doing a kickstarter to sell my book was kind of strange.  I mean, I don’t ever like asking people for charity or handouts.  But I’ve come to understand that kickstarter, at least the way my publisher does it, is just like people buying the book on other websites.  But it reaches a great international group.  And it’s a fantastic venue for cross-promotion with other authors who put their books up for free as stretch goals.  I’ve come to love the idea.

Please remember that good reviews of ELECTED on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Wattpad, and Amazon help a lot to get the book noticed by others!  Thank you for the many people who’ve already left their reviews and comments!  I love my readers, and I’m so glad you’ve all been enjoying the book!

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