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An ELECTED book necklace

Here’s the run down on how people will be able to get the ELECTED book and all the cool things going on with publishing in the last couple of weeks.

1) A kickstarter will run April 15th through the end of May.  There you’ll be able to get a signed paperback or hardcover, and each of those purchases comes with a free digital copy of ELECTED.  The kickstarter is a way to pre-order printed copies and ones that are signed.  There won’t be any other place to get the hardcover for a very long time, esp one that’s signed.  Plus…at the different kickstarter backer levels, people can get cool freebies like other author’s signed books.  And if we reach our stretch goals, which I think we will, every backer receives special stretch goal rewards like things seen in the ELECTED book.  Someone asked me how you pay for the items on kickstarter, and I told her it’s just like Amazon or any other major retailer.  Via credit card or paypal, etc.  Any copies you buy on the kickstarter will come to you within a week of the kickstarter campaign closing, so that’ll be around the beginning of May.

2) Paperback copies will be available at my book launch party on April 27th.  That’s the place where I’ll sign the books, not just with my name, but with personalized messages/whatever you want written.

3) Ebook copies of ELECTED for your kindle will be available on Earth Day, April 22nd, on Amazon.  Amazon will also have printed paperback copies available after the kickstarter ends and all of those backers have received their books (probably around June).  But those printed copies won’t automatically be signed, though.

4) Ebook and possibly paperback copies will be available on all other major bookseller online sites besides Amazon (Barnes & Noble, ibook, etc.) sometime in June or July.  Those paperbacks won’t automatically be signed, though.

A blog tour will start around April 15th too!  For ppl who don’t know that term, it means bloggers, people with websites, people on twitter, Facebook, and other social media will be publicizing ELECTED’s release.  The posts will contain info on a rafflecopter, a contest my publisher and I are running where we’ll give away a grand prize of a kindle and cool stuff seen in ELECTED, like Aloy’s necklace and hemlock-scented items.

I will post links to everything, including kickstarter, the blog tour spots, and the rafflecopter here in the next few weeks!  It’s an exciting month, for sure, and it’s happening so fast!  Finally a lot of hard work by a diverse group of people from my writing critique partners, to editors, to my publisher, to publicists, etc. is coming to fruition!  It’s so fun to see it all come alive.

And thank you ahead of time for helping to get ELECTED’s story out into the world and your support over the last couple of years as this journey unfolded!

Here are some pictures of the items either for the kickstarter rewards or the book launch party!

Aloy's key necklaces as seen in ELECTED


ELECTED cupcake toppers for the book launch party

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