How’s ELECTED Doing?

Since the launch 3 weeks ago, lots of people have asked me how ELECTED is doing.  I vowed early on in my publishing journey to share knowledge about the industry and be as open as possible answering that question in this public venue.

ELECTED is doing well.  Here are some stats:

  • It’s sold about 500 copies in 3 weeks.  This is within a “soft-start”, meaning the book won’t release into all major vendors until about September after the Kickstarter is finished.  So 500 copies were sold so far via just Amazon (ebook), Kickstarter (ebook, paperback, and hardcover), and limited edition copies at the launch party.
  • We’ve already hit the Kickstarter goal of 4,000 (what it costs to print paperback and hardcover and ship the books).  Not only did we hit the funding goal, but we already hit a stretch goal!  This means that all backers, regardless of level, will receive a free short story from a best-selling sci-fi author, Jean Rabe, along with ELECTED.  We’re only about $200 away from hitting the second stretch goal, which would equate to all backers getting a second free book.  There’s only 8 days left.
  • On release day, April 22nd, ELECTED hit #50 in an Amazon top 100 category for Sci-fi Dystopian (a big category).  For a couple of days it was even higher-ranked than one of best-selling Hugh Howey’s sci-fi books.
  • On release day ELECTED was the 5,000 th most popular book being sold throughout America on Amazon.
  • As of today, May 12, it has 24 reviews on Amazon with an overall rating of 5 stars.
  • As of May 12th 57 bloggers have posted info on ELECTED on their websites.
  • We are up to 732 entries on the rafflecopter contest where the prize is a Kindle, signed book, etc.  The rafflecopter runs for 18 more days, so there’s still time to enter.  And you can re-enter again and again every new day.
  • A musician, Nicole D’Angelo DePresca was inspired by reading ELECTED and wrote a song exclusively for the book.  We will be using it for book 2’s trailer.

I will leave you today with this picture of Misch-misch who continues to endorse the book each day by sitting on copies and rubbing his chin all over the pages.  (If you ever get a copy with fur on it, now you’ll know why!)

Misch and ELECTED

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