Holiday Card Writing!

On Saturday I finished the first round of ELECTED edits for my agent, so on Sunday I got to use my creative energy for something other than writing.  But…in the end it comes back to the subject of writing anyway.  :) 

I absolutely love writing holiday cards every year.  And I love receiving them from others.  (This year I think we’ll wait to combine the new baby/holiday card, so don’t be sad if you don’t receive one from me till very late in the winter season.) 

The only problem I usually have with holiday cards comes when I try to display them as part of our holiday decorations.  We used to put them on the slats of our kitchen closet doors, but sometimes they’d fall off and get stepped on.  So in a magazine this weekend I saw a picture of a wire wreath with holiday cards all clipped to it.  The wire wreath alone was $25.  I figured I could get one for less money at Michael’s.  I was right–the wire wreath and about fifty alligator clips were a total of $9.

On the left is a current picture of the wreath with three congratulatory cards from friends after I got signed by Talcott Notch.

My question for you writers is:  Do you also like writing holiday cards and letters just because it’s another chance to write or do you despise it because it takes you away from writing your books/scripts/poems/etc?

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