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Guest Post by Author Samantha Grey “My 5 Secrets”

The following is a guest post by Author Samantha Grey.  Her book, Unveiling You, will be out very soon, and it’s all about secrets.  In that theme, she’s here today on my blog, telling us five secrets about herself.


In my latest book, Unveiling You, my character Amy has a secret. It could risk her whole internship. When she starts to fall for her boss’ grandson, she knows she’ll have to keep him a secret, too. But does she want to?


We all have secrets. Here are five of mine.


1. Samantha Grey

You’re special — you know this name, Samantha Grey, and the fact that I wrote Unveiling You. A lot of people in my life don’t — okay, scratch that, no one knows. My husband is the only person. I have friends who bug me for my romance pen name, but I’m a rock. They’ll never know!


2. Too many truth or dare games in high school

I was that girl in high school. The one who just made out with everybody. Because of a lot of truth or dare and spin the bottle games. Yes, sixteen-year-olds, playing spin the bottle — that was the worst thing that happened at school socials. We went to a charter school, okay? We were sheltered.


3. The romance & erotica on my ereader

I work at a bookstore. I love it, but people can be a little snobby about romance and erotica. Most of my coworkers roll their eyes when we get books for the erotica section and go on rants about formulaic writing in romance. So, they don’t know about my All Romance Ebooks account or that I could recommend what to read after 50 Shades of Grey.


4. I’m an FBI Agent — okay, I just pretend to be

I wear contacts, and sometimes, I imagine that there are little cameras in my contact lenses and a room somewhere in Washington DC that looks like those blue rooms in the Bourne movies watching everything I do. So, while I’m in the car, I’m actually working on some secret mission and making snarky comments with other agents.


5. I can’t think of a fifth one (at least not one I’d share on the Internet)

I guess I’m not that secretive of a person. A book about my life would be mostly about my second life as a romance writer. It would be interesting to some people (the few coworkers I’ve told about my hobby), but boring to most people.


Hopefully this book is not boring. It’s about secrets! And Paris! Rare books and rich antique dealers and a guy who just sold his company! How could that be boring?×300.jpg


The price of secrets can be too high…


Amy is starting the internship of her life for a prestigious antiques dealer. She knew it would look good on a resume, but a surprise trip to Paris and an assistant who is determined to keep her around make her want more. She could make this into a permanent job.


If it weren’t for Caleb. He’s returned to his grandfather’s for a new job, even though he doesn’t need the money after selling his company. She’s up to the competition to prove herself, but soon it’s hard to ignore the sizzling tension between them. Neither are willing to give in if it means losing the chance at the job, but their attraction may be too strong. They risk everything if they’re found out — and Amy has been keeping secrets since she arrived, ones that could separate them forever. Visit Samantha’s Amazon Author Central page


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