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Free Sci-Fi Book: The Phoenix Fallacy

One of my writer friends, Jon Sourbeer, is distributing his first sci-fi book for free!  The Phoenix Fallacy is about an alternate universe where corporations rule everything.  It’s a compelling story of Janus who is sent off by his corporation to train as a mercenary.  You can get the whole book for free in two ways.  Jon will soon put the book officially up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but he’s still working on the cover.  So you can get it super-early now! 

1.  To get an MS Word document sent to you via email, send me a msg through my “Write me” page, and I’ll email you the book.  Or send me a twitter message through @RoriShayWrites.

2.  Follow the below instructions to get a copy onto your Kindle:

1)      Go to http://www.amazon.com

2)      Sign into your Amazon account – the account you use to make purchases on Amazon and through your kindle

3)      On the top right of the page, hover over “Your Account”

4)      Select “Manage Your Kindle”

5)      On the left, you will see a selection box.  Click “Personal document settings”

6)      Write down your device e-mail

7)      Now, add Jon’s e-mail (chronosnoj@gmail.com) to your approved personal document e-mail list by clicking “Add a new approved e-mail address”

8)      Enter chronosnoj@gmail.com into the box, send Jon your device e-mail, and he will send the book directly to your device.  It will appear a few minutes after being sent on your Kindle or Kindle for iPad app.  Jon will send you an e-mail alerting you to the addition.

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