Excerpt from SUSPECTED & How is the Presale Going?

Many of you know that SUSPECTED is now out for pre-sale, as evidenced by the 135 copies sold already. But for those who don’t know, SUSPECTED, the 2nd book in the ELECTED trilogy, is on pre-sale for one month, with all the freebies and limited edition items that entails!  My publisher conducts pre-sales through Kickstarter, and you can access that site here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/103879051/ya-fiction-from-silence-in-the-library-four-sequel?ref=nav_search

suspected-1-revised 8-24-14-large-2 The Kickstarter involves all of Silence in the Library Publishing’s winter Young Adult (YA) book sequels that are up for presale, so that’s why you’ll see Megan O’Russell, Janine Spendlove, and Vincent Morrone’s books on there as well.  I’ve read the first books in all their series, and each is unique and fun.  Megan’s book is all about magic and wizards, so if you like Harry Potter, this one’s for you.  Janine’s is a true fantasy with elves, trolls, sprites, etc, and it’s a NYT bestseller.  Vincent’s involves the paranormal with a girl who can see dead people, so if you liked that Bruce Willis movie, The Sixth Sense, you’ll get a kick out of Vincent’s Vision Series.

SUSPECTED releases in all the major booksellers on Earth Day 2015, April 22.  (All the ELECTED books will release on Earth Day, as befitting of its environmental themes.)

Many people have asked me what is the advantage in purchasing SUSPECTED via the kickstarter now versus waiting until April 22nd.  The kickstarter allows our publisher to give out freebies, which are great for the readers/backers, because it means you get more for your money.  Who doesn’t love free books/stories/songs sent to them along with their SUSPECTED purchase?  The kickstarter also allows for the sale of unique, limited edition items like tuckerizations where you can have your name written into the book as one of the characters.  There are three such tuckerization opportunities for the third ELECTED book, titled PERFECTED.  One is sold already, so only two are left!  The kickstarter is where you can secure a signed copy of the book too, which always makes book copies more special and serves as a great present idea.  Only nine signed copies of SUSPECTED are left!

The pre-sale lasts just until mid-March.  Then the books go into production.  SUSPECTED ebook copies will probably be sent to Kickstarter backers in late March.  Paperback copies might not come until right when the book opens to the mass public on April 22nd.  But the advantage to getting your paperback via the kickstarter versus on Amazon, etc. is that as a kickstarter backer you’ll get your name in the back of the SUSPECTED as a thank you.

As a thank you being interested in The ELECTED Series and to celebrate SUSPECTED’s pre-release, I’m including a first-time-shown excerpt below.  I hope you like it!  For all the people who’ve already read ELECTED and couldn’t wait to know what happened on the top of the border as Aloy, Griffin, and Margareath were about to descend onto Mid’s side, you’ll be interested in the below!  This excerpt is from Chapter 1 of SUSPECTED, starting right where ELECTED left off!  Enjoy!  And as always, “a new day to you.”

Excerpt from Chapter 1

            Even the terrain in Mid Country senses we are intruders. Jagged rocks and thorny brown weeds jut out of the earth, scraping our ankles and slowing our progress. I didn’t have as much trouble hiking up East Country’s side of the border, but now that the three of us, me, Griffin, and Margareath, descend the steep slope into Mid, we’re constantly catching ourselves mid-stumble.

“You ok?” Griffin asks, reaching out a hand to steady me.

“Uh-huh.” The lie sounds hollow, even to my own ears. But I say it anyway and pick up my pace. I don’t want Griffin to convince me to turn back again like he tried to do as we waited for Margareath at the hill’s crest. Going back to East Country is the one thing I can’t do, and Griffin doesn’t even know the whole reason why. All he thinks is, I left East Country to spy on our neighbor and to help him escape our country’s death penalty.

Yet there is another reason, and thus far, there has been no good time to tell Griffin he’s going to father not one, but two children in the Elected family. My pregnancy is something I want to divulge in a special way, not as we run like fugitives, breaking almost every law of our forefathers.

When the lights from Mid catch my attention again and almost set me into a forward tumble, I try to focus on doing one thing at a time: get down the hill, cross into Mid Country, then tell Griffin the news.

Everything about Mid so far is offensive: their flagrant display of electricity, the strange way Margareath didn’t remember her family when asked about her children moments ago, even the air on Mid’s side of the Nirogene mines smells different than ours. There is a faint scent of wet metal and something sweetly acidic, which I can’t quite place, but that’s causing me to gag. I stop for a second, burying my face into the fabric of my shirt sleeve to take a deep, clean breath. Vienne warned me that newly pregnant I’d have a heightened sense of smell. That, on top of my perpetual nausea, is overwhelming to say the least.

I blink my eyes once hard before proceeding forward again. The massive amount of illegal light emanating from Mid’s epicenter miles to our west is tremendous. It’s so dark on the mountain and so bright in the distance; our direct path seems even bleaker.

“Just a little more to the bottom of the hill,” says Margareath. She pants in between every other word, the exhaustion of our trek down this treacherous mountain evident on her features. “Once we reach the bottom, it’s about a day and a half walk to Mid’s city.”

I try to estimate the number of miles from the border to Mid’s center. Maybe fifty, given Margareath’s statement and the fact that our pace is relatively slow. How long, I wonder, would it take a group of fighters from East to traverse the plains if an invasion was required? Every nugget of data on Mid gets me one step closer to understanding why they’re trying to invade my country, steal our resources, and kill my people. And closer to figuring out how to stop them.

I turn my head to peek at Griffin. Even in the inky darkness, I can see his brow furrowed in concentration. He’s been trying to act calm as we make our unlawful descent into enemy territory, but I can see the uneasiness in his eyes. He’s an escaped convict, and I’ve just broken at least two of the world’s Eco Accords. He’s as determined to thwart Mid as I am, but sneaking into the country is dangerous for both of us.

And Margareath is only barely helping. She’s been strange ever since we met her at the hill’s peak, giving hints about Mid Country, but not really telling us anything tangible. Her apparent glorification of our enemy and its “amazing” capabilities is unnerving.

What if it’s a trap? Could Margareath, the first and only spy I sent into Mid, have defected? Would she dare lead us straight into the hands of Mid’s Elected? Breaking the Eco Accords and country isolationism would be a good enough excuse for their leader to execute me and Griffin right on the spot.

I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to block the blackest thoughts from my mind, but they keep welling up like sewage from an overflowing chamber pot, rank and unwanted.

“Eyes open at all times,” says Margareath, pursing her lips. “Wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Something about the way she picks her words makes me shiver, but I do as she instructs, refraining from anything but blinking. Griffin locks eyes with me behind Margareath’s back, raising his brows, and I just shrug in reply. If she is indeed now our enemy, there’s little we can do until the time is right.

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