ELECTED’s Book Launch Party Pictures

First off, before I get into details about the book launch party, I have some news….on the night of the book launch we hit the Kickstarter goal of 4,000!  Printing of the paperbacks and hardcover books is officially funded!  Thank you guys so much for your support!  Now we have 20 days left to hit the stretch goals so that all backers of the kickstarter receive free books and other prizes!  There are some best-selling authors on there who offered their books as part of the stretch goals because they wanted to see ELECTED succeed.  It’s awesome of them, and I hope you guys get to receive those prizes along with your copy of ELECTED.

Ok, onto the book launch party!

Elected book cupcakes

As promised, I am including pics here.  The theme of the launch party (because I love party-planning with a theme, as any of my friends will tell you) was hemlock because that’s the scary drink seen in the book.  We had the purple pills (jelly beans) from ELECTED, hemlock shots, “marriage bindings” (temporary tattoos), hemlock caramels, cupcakes with the ELECTED book in the form of fondant toppers, mini strawberry shortcakes, scallop appetizers, prizes like a Kindle and two tickets to the Dwelling Place’s Carnival of Chocolates, a station where kids could draw the cover of the next book from the ELECTED series (called SUSPECTED), and of course book signing.

Shots of "hemlock" (sambuca)

Scion restaurant was packed!

That last part totally amazed me.  People bought so many books and there was such great attendance that I signed for 2 hours straight.  I couldn’t even get up and mingle with people until after the launch party officially ended because there was such a request for signing.  It was a great problem to have, and I’m so humbled by the enthusiasm of my friends and fans.


Thank you to everyone who came or asked me about the book launch party!  Thank you to Silence in the Library Publishing for being there and selling books and for having faith in ELECTED’s story.  And thank you again to all of my friends who came out to help me celebrate!  It’s an evening I will never forget!

Cover art for the next ELECTED book by Pranav and Nolan!

Mini strawberry shortcakes

The Long Arrow Marriage Binding

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  • nolan says:
    May 25, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    i haven`t read going to be your book but i can tell its good


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