ELECTED is in the galley phase!

ELECTED is into the galley phase, which means that the publisher has put it in the format required by major distributors.  It now looks like a real book with a table of contents, cool font for the start of each chapter, etc.  I am combing it over, looking for any last, small changes (like commas, words that got smushed together incorrectly in the switch from MS Word to the new galley software, etc.)

I’m almost finished editing the galley, and thank goodness I’ve looked at it.  There were definitely things to catch.  People are very critical of errors in books.  When you’re reading and you see an error, even a small one, doesn’t it take you out of the story and remind you it’s just a book instead of a real story?  Errors cause that response in me, as I’m sure they do in others, which is why it’s important to make sure all of the typos found in this final version.  This is the last time I get to edit/see the book before it goes out as an ARC (advanced reader copy) to bloggers and reviewers…and then goes on presale…and then is available for the masses!

I got the galley one day before my birthday, which was such a good present.  Seeing the book in its final format took my breath away.  It’s the culmination of hard work from so many people, not just myself.  My favorite part was seeing the dedication and acknowledgements inside the novel.  And my publisher was supportive of adding a preview of book 2 in the ELECTED series, which was neat to see included as well.

Looking forward to when you all can finally see the book yourselves!

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