The Cover Reveal of SUSPECTED

I’m so excited to finally reveal the cover of SUSPECTED, the second book in The Elected Series!

suspected-1-revised 8-24-14-large-2

And then let’s look at it side-to-side with the first book, ELECTED…

Elected-cover-websuspected-1-revised 8-24-14-large-2

Want to know the secrets that SUSPECTED’s cover reveals?  First look at the two symbols at the top of the book covers.  Elected’s symbol looks like some type of bubble, right?  When Elected released a lot of people asked me why Aloy’s face was in a bubble, and what that bubble was.  Well, it’s not exactly a bubble.  It’s a medallion.  A bauble on a necklace.

On Suspected’s cover there’s a diamond.  You don’t get to find out what the gem signifies until book 3, but I promise you it’s worth the wait.  The medallion and diamond each have a significant role in the series’ world, and they’re tied to Aloy’s mom and her brother, Evan.

Another piece I love about Suspected’s cover is the metal tree.  There will be a tree of some kind on all three of the books’ covers.  In Elected it’s a barren tree, signifying how not much vegetation is left in East Country.  Suspected show’s you Mid Country’s metal version of a tree.  Mid is trying to recreate much of the plant and animal life from the past, but you’ll see how well they do with it in Suspected.

The interesting thing about Suspected’s tree is that way back when I asked the cover artist for a metal tree, she came up with this one.  And wouldn’t you know…it’s like a sign…it’s modeled after the metal tree in Seattle’s Sculpture Park.  I got the pic of this tree about a week after I moved to Seattle.  So I took that as a good omen.

The third thing I like about this cover is the tagline at the top.  “East Country upheld the laws.  Mid destroyed them.”  Seems ominous…which it should be!

My publisher and I are doing a couple of fun things to celebrate Suspected’s cover reveal.  The ebook of Elected went on sale today for a limited time at the nice price point of 99 cents.  It’s for sale at 99 cents on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Also we’re hosting a RAFFLECOPTER giveaway for:

  1. A signed paperback copy of ELECTED
  2. An ebook ARC of SUSPECTED
  3. Aloy’s key necklace from ELECTED

I hope you like the book cover as much as I do…all credit goes to SuzieDesign by Suzannah Safi!

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