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Books I’m Devouring – The whole Lunar Chronicles Series

If you like the Once Upon a Time tv show, you will love The Lunar Chronicles!

These are the latest novels I’ve been devouring–a four-book series by Marissa Meyer.  I’ve sped through the first three:  Cinder, Scarlett, and Cress.  The next and final book in the series, Winter, isn’t set for release until 2015, and it’s not out for pre-sale yet.  But if it were, I’d have already saved a copy onto my kindle to read as soon as it came out.

What I like about each of these books is that the story is a twisted version of a fairy tale:  Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White, in that order.  As a reader, you already know the underlying story, so it’s fun to see how imaginatively the author re-molds an age-old tale into something new.  There are both similarities and differences, but since the books are young adult (YA) sci-fi dystopians (my favorite), things you remember from the fairy tales get spun into technological gadgets.  Ex. Cinderella’s orange pumpkin is a beat-up car from the old days before hovercrafts were the mode of transportation on Earth.

Each book has a new main character and love interest but lets you follow the story lines of all the characters you’ve grown to love from the previous books.  The chapters move from perspective to perspective, allowing you into the minds of all characters-both the MC females and the male counterparts.

Like the Hunger Games, Pandemonium, and Divergent, a teenage girl is the hero in each book, and each woman delights readers with her unique personality.  All voices are different, unlike how people criticized (rightly or wrongly) the voices in Divergent’s last book.

I highly recommend these books, not just because they’re great, but also because the author went to my husband’s alma mater college.  Go PLU!  Have fun reading, and let me know what you think of this recommendation and the books if you’ve already had the pleasure of diving into them!

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