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Books I’m Devouring – One & Only by Viv Daniels

This is the second installment of Books I’m Devouring, and you can tell how fast I’m eating up these books just by the frequency of these posts.  Also, just to give you the background for these posts, I’m only writing about books I like.  I’m not going to give a lousy book review for something I hated, at least not in this venue.  As an author, I understand how much blood and sweat goes into writing, editing, and publishing a book.  So personally, I don’t like to give bad reviews.  If I don’t like a book, I’ll just keep quiet about it.  If I do like a book, I’ll broadcast it to the world.

I finished One & Only by Viv Daniels in just a couple of days and wanted to write about it for one main reason.  One & Only by Viv Daniels makes you remember/feel the thrill and delicious uncertainty of first love.  It’s a perfect book for Valentine’s Day and the month of February.  Throughout the whole book, you kind of know it’ll end happily b/c it’s a romance novel.  However, it draws you along, building into a tense climax that’s a relief when the happy ending finally reveals itself.  I don’t usually read or write about contemporary romances.  Contemporary books, in general, haven’t been on my repertoire for awhile.  I’m more into sci-fi lately.  But One & Only was a pleasure to read.  And it read more like YA and new adult than a standard romance novel.

The main character is in college, which is a fun stage to read about.  And I love that Viv Daniels (real name Diana Peterfreund) writes about smart women.  As in her series Secret Society Girl, Viv/Diana again writes about a woman attending an Ivy league, and I really appreciate how she goes into detail about the MC’s science major.  Her female characters are smart and sexy and don’t slack off in school.  It’s refreshing, actually, to read a romance novel where the MC doesn’t ditch everything for a boy or go all gooey and ditzy.

Five stars for One & Only, Diana’s first book under her new pen name.  I remember her telling us fellow writers about the premise for this story over drinks at a local restaurant.  I liked the idea of the book then, and it was even more fun reading the finished product.  Can’t wait for the next one “Sweet & Wild”, which releases in the spring!

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