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Below is the list of the amazing 54 bloggers who posted about ELECTED during its Kickstarter campaign.  As an update, ELECTED’s kickstarter ends tonight after a month in the limelight.  Within these four weeks, we not only hit the initial funding goal to print hardcover books (which totally blew my socks off), but we also hit 3 stretch goals.  And…at the time I’m writing this posting, we’re only $13 away from hitting the 4th one.  Just 9 more hours to hit that one, and I think we’ll do it!  So now all backers will receive ELECTED plus 3-4 free books!

These bloggers below helped make that possible by getting the word out.  Check out their pages.  Not only do they have cool info about ELECTED, including a giveaway for a free Kindle (10 days left for that contest).  But some of them also contain exclusive info about the book, like how I picked the characters’ names or why environmentalism is a huge theme in the book.  And continue on past just the posting on ELECTED to see their other material.  These are some of the best author websites I’ve ever seen.  They’re chock full of writing advice and other book giveaways, not to mention info about their own award-winning novels.

These ladies and gentlemen helped me out with ELECTED just because they’re amazing writing colleagues.  They didn’t ask for anything in return, and gave their time out of the goodness of their hearts.  One couldn’t ask for a better group of writers with which to be acquainted.  Through bad times (having my first publisher leave the business 1 month before ELECTED’s release) to good times (finding Silence in the Library Publishing), these colleagues were supportive, gracious, and helpful!  I can’t thank them enough for all they did to spread the word about ELECTED.

I call them “East Countrymen” for their part in ELECTED’s world!


April 15:  Fearless FictionMusings of a Writing ReaderVincent MorroneMaggie Allen WritesEmily Ward

April 21:  J.M.’s Meanderings

April 22:  Learn, Live, and ExploreJuliana Haygert’s Author SiteS.J. PajonasMelinda DozierBende BooksCarol PavliskaAna Blaze RomanceSophie Davis BooksScriptlandAngie SandroChrystalla ThomaCecilia RobertMegan O’RussellLaura Bowers

April 23:  Locos for LibrosAria KaneLiterary RamblesIn Search of RomanceThe Phoenix FallacyDiana Peterfreund

April 24:  Virginia BraschAilionoraIndie Authors You Want to Read

April 25:  Kat DaemonGina Henning

April 26:  Writing about Love

April 29:  Jessica SpotswoodNancy ScanlonGiant Squid Books

May 1:  Emily Ann WardA Creative MindTammar Stein

May 2:  Down Under WonderingsGina Henning

May 3:  Blissful BlogMusings of a Writing ReaderKick Start Your Heart Romance

May 4:  Michael Sci-fan,

May 5:  Stacey Nash

May 6:  Becky WallaceWorkaday Reads

May 8:  Lola’s Reviews

May 10:  No Filter Between Brain and Mouth

May 11:  The Phoenix FallacyDr. DougeEvie Knight

May 12:  Lisa Maxwell

May 13:  Pieces of Whimsy

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