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Athena’s Daughters (Women in Sci-fi, Let’s Hear You Roar!)

One of the authors in my Washington DC authors colleague group, Janine Spendlove, told me about a kickstarter project she and a bunch of other women writers created.  I looked at the kickstarter link, and I’m really impressed with the group of women involved.  I also like the fact that it’s highlighting woman and scifi because that genre has been male-dominated for a long time.  The publishing industry is seeing an up tic of women authors entering the scifi genre and a lot more women heroines in the books. (ex. Hunger Games, Divergent, Pandemonium, Across a Star Swept Sea, and the upcoming Murder Complex)  Readers, especially women, are gravitating toward lighter scifi, the kind where you can read the book without a dictionary next to you–the kind of scifi I actually like!
Here’s info about the Athena’s Daughters book project straight from Janine:
It’s called Athena’s Daughters and it’s a science fiction and fantasy anthology completely done by women – all the artists, authors, the editor, everyone involved is a woman, and all the stories all have a female lead.
Science Fiction and Fantasy are wonderful mediums to teach our youth (and our adults), to expand our horizons, and encourage thought and imagination. But I still see a lack of women as leads out there*, and I think it’s very important for children (and adults!) to have strong female role models in their lives.
That’s what inspired Athena’s Daughters.

As for my own story in the anthology, “Millie”, it’s about a modern day Marine pilot (helicopter pilot – it’s totally not me!…) who has a chance encounter with a very familiar time traveling Aviatrix (have you ever wanted to know what really happened at Howland Island?).
Oh, and the introduction to the anthology was written by retired astronaut (and more awesome, SHE’S A PILOT!) Pam Melroy!
The kickstarter for Athena’s Daughters has just launched, and you can get the eBook (and a bunch of extras for free!) for only $5. The first 100 backers get a free story as well.
The link to the Kickstarter (order) page is
~Janine K. Spendlove
*Yes, I know we have The Hunger GamesDivergant, my own War of the Seasons trilogy, along with many more female led stories out there, but it’s still a dearth compared to male leads.

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