Athena’s Daughters Volume 2: Promoting Women in Sci-fi

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00018]I blinked once and within the same year that ELECTED came out, I’m involved in a second book that’s being published.  This next novel, ATHENA’S DAUGHTERS VOLUME 2, is an anthology of sci-fi short stories, all written by women and with women as the main characters.  The purpose of the book is to promote women in the dominantly male sci-fi genre.  All of the people involved in the book are women – from the writers to the editors to the illustrator.

My story in the anthology is called “The Pendant”.  It’s a prequel to ELECTED, told from Aloy’s mom’s point of view.

Ever want to know if Aloy’s mom was completely honest?  What did she know that she didn’t tell Aloy or her husband, Sawyer?

Why did Aloy’s brother, Evan, leave East Country?

Is Tomlin a good guy?

How did Aloy get her name?

When did Aloy’s parents decide to pretend she was a boy?


I’m almost scared to reveal too much in the short story, but it was so much fun to give all of this info away!  It doesn’t spoil the second or third book, I promise, but it offers a lot more insight into the backstory.

So what is Athena’s Daughters Volume 2, and how do you get it?  Like most of Silence in the Library Publishing’s books, it’s coming out for pre-release via a kickstarter.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/103879051/446846442?token=7732ca66 This is a great way to handle pre-sales because everyone gets freebies and special items that normal booksellers can’t provide.  And once the pre-sale is over, the book will be sold in regular merchandisers, but the freebies and fun promotions won’t all be there.  This pre-release is a really fun way to introduce the book.  I’m even offering a tuckerization (get your name included as a character in Elected’s book 3), and there will be a bunch of free stories that all backers receive.

This method also allows us to donate some of the money.  The purpose of Athena’s Daughters V2 is to promote women in a dominantly male sci-fi genre.   I’m donating half of my portion of profits from ADV2’s kickstarter to The Dwelling Place non-profit in Maryland.  The money will go toward a young girl so she can get writing and/or illustrating supplies and maybe even enroll in a creative writing class.  The Dwelling Place provides transitional housing to homeless families in Maryland, where I used to live.  And there are lots of young ladies in these families who I think would love a chance to learn something new about themselves through writing.

The kickstarter goes for a month, starting Dec. 15th.  The book is a great holiday gift idea for women in your life, although tell the ladies it won’t physically be in their hands until May at the latest.  (It still has to be printed.)  The ebook will be out much sooner than that.  It’s chock full of great stories.  I’ve had a sneak preview of a few of them, and they’re so good!  I’ll be posting blogs from a few of the women involved over the next month.

Please help us get the word out about this book and the fact that yes, women too, can write sci-fi!  It’s not just men who are techy or science-orientated!  Us ladies like talking about future worlds, robots, and magic too!

Girl Power!

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